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Ease the process of recording your contacts’ data with the Visit Connect App.

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About Visit Connect

Simply scan the QR code on the visitor badge with your smartphone. This will provide you with all the visitor’s contact data digitally – without having to fill out questionnaires or collect business cards. You can then download a list of all the visitors you met at the fair. This makes it easier for you to follow up and ensures that you receive the correct data and do not lose any valuable trade fair contacts.

  1. Simply download the app to your smartphone
  2. Use your smartphone to scan the license QR code(s) from the PDF. Please note that each QR Code corresponds exactly to one license and can only be used once. If you want to use multiple devices for lead capture, you will need to use a separate, unused scan license for each one, and scan and activate them with the respective device. This license is finally connected to the device and cannot be used on another one!
  3. Your smartphone is now ready to scan the visitor badges. To test the procedure, simply download the pdf with some test visitor badges here. Scan them with the app and you will see what information you get.
  4. Would you like to assign additional information (interest in a certain product, next steps, time frame, notes, pictures, voice messages, etc.) to the scanned contacts at the trade fair with the help of the app? Then simply create corresponding questions in the Visit Connect portal.
  5. Simply follow the link below, which will take you directly to the Visit-Connect portal.
    To activate your Visit Connect portal for your trade fair, create your login data in the “Create Account” window and then click on “Validate Licence” in the “Add new event” window after the first login.
  6. The complete guide is available at

You can have additional Scan App licenses activated at a price of EUR 150 each plus VAT. Please ask your consultant at Easyfairs or contact the support team: +49 89 127 165-164 or

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