CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme

CIM GmbH Logistik-Systeme

à propos de nous

CIM is a leading provider of intralogistics systems. Its warehouse management system PROLAG®World is one of the most successful standard systems on the market. Fully configurable and capable of optimising inventory and material flow whatever the warehouse layout, the WMS stands out for its modular design, providing maximum flexibility and 100% transparency across all of your internal processes and goods movements.

With over 35 years of market presence, CIM are pioneers in the development of specialised software for warehouse management. The family-owned company has its head office in Fürstenfeldbruck (Bavaria) and employs almost 100 intralogistics software experts with specialist knowledge and expertise across all industry sectors. A passion for logistics processes and new technologies is at the heart of the company culture. CIM was one of the first providers to design an SaaS cloud solution as an alternative to its on-premises software, managed from the certified data centre near Munich and guaranteeing autonomous, stable intralogistics. The company also plays a leadership role in the research and development of new technologies and standards. Continuous collaboration with top universities and think tanks is a testament to this commitment and defines CIM as an innovation champion.