Robust sensors for small process technology


Robust sensors for small process technology

Balluff expands its portfolio with sensors for temperature measurement in contact with the medium, e.g. in hydraulic power units. New features include a temperature sensor with display, a temperature transmitter and a PT1000 temperature sensor. The version without display is particularly compact and vibration-resistant, while the versions with the rotatable and easily readable display impress with their high ease of operation and flexible installation.

Depending on the version, the BFT sensors have switching outputs PNP, analogue signals 0…10V /4…2 mA or operate as PT1000 thermistors. They can be mounted simply by screwing them into the process using a standard process connection with G and NPT threads. A 4-pin M12 connector on the sensor is sufficient for their integration.

Continuous monitoring of the process media of machines and systems makes a decisive contribution to process reliability. In addition to the correct pressure and filling level, the correct temperature must also be maintained. If, for example, the temperature of the hydraulic oil in a hydraulic unit has to be monitored, this can be done reliably with the BFT temperature sensors in contact with the medium. Temperature monitoring within the hydraulic circuit guarantees the correct viscosity of the oil and thus the performance of a machine. Critical process conditions, such as a limit temperature, can be monitored directly via the switching output. An analogue output provides continuous measurement results. In addition, the BFT temperature sensors are also convincing when it comes to monitoring cooling water, lubricants and compressed air and score points in a wide variety of applications.